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Tinkerwerx's creative journey begins in 2016 using 3D modelling applications and 3D printing technologies alongside with traditional casting process to create endearing fashion accessories in a variety of materials to reflect and encapsulate everyday simplicity, innocence and fond remembrance that we come to cherish.

All pieces you see here are solely designed by Tinkerwerx's in-house designer, Soon Ping in Singapore.

Soon Ping worked in the corporate world as an IT professional for the past 20 years. In 2016, she came across 3D modelling and decided to explore combining it with 3D printing technologies to create fashion accessories and jewellery. Geometry and Science related themes provide inspiration to many pieces that Soon Ping designed. Apart from participating at various pop-up and charity events, her works were also showcased at past Maker's Faire events. She is grateful of the many positive reviews and feedback from customers and working partners. To view how her works have evolved over time, visit Tinkerwerx's instagram  

Each design is made in small quantities albeit at a higher cost than mass production process.
Usually not more than 3 sets per design / colour or only as per custom request. We are conscious of not using resources more than necessary. We hope this way we can contribute to make these designs that you like and at the same time do our part in helping to lower wastage of environmental resources.

Tinkerwerx also offers service that customise and convert 2D to 3D designs for pendants, rings and earrings.

For pre-order of any item that is not available in stock, please contact us for lead time on

manufacturing and delivery.

For international customers outside of Singapore who prefer to order in other currencies,

please visit our Etsy store

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