Majulah Singapura! Happy 52nd Birthday, Singapore!

In the month of August, Tinkerwerx joined Villa Fiesta, our first pop-up market event at Singapore Botanic Gardens on 9 August 2017 organised by the friendly folks from Garden Events Singapore. It was truly a wonderful venue. The event was hosted at the Villa just opposite the Halia restaurant. It was cozy, relaxing inside the Courtyard room and therapeutic at the same time looking at the greenery outside. There was a good and hearty crowd strolling into the event to take shield from the heat outside - which was good (for vendors :)). There were some queries on silver pieces which is lacking in my current collection and I must make sure to add to my inventory in future events. Overall a wonderful crowd of customers, hosts and fellow vendors as usual. I am glad I was able to rush home on time to catch a glimpse of the national parade on TV. Happy Birthday Singapore! May you stay strong and healthy forever!