Tinkerwerx's first Pop-up Stall in the heart of Singapore

Tinkerwerx's first pop-up stall was at Millenia Walk on Saturday, 25 March 2017. We were joined by a group of like-minded, creative and enterprising fellow artisans and vendors at a local art market event hosted by local major publication HER WORLD together with event organizer The Local People (TLP). It was a valuable opportunity for Tinkerwerx to showcase many of our designs and to share with people who are fascinated at how 3D printing technologies was able to create such interesting fashion accessories. 

On Sunday 26 March, we set up our pop-up stall at the compound of a hip and happening restaurant Camp Kilo, also organized by event organizer The Local People (TLP). It started slow in the day where we spent time chatting and exchanging ideas among the vendor community. The dinner crowd consisting of expats and their families gradually grew bigger by late afternoon and evening. The smell of BBQ, chatters and laughter of diners and their children (and dogs) filled the space and there was an air of festivity. 

As for the most popular products sold, Bronze-colored Steel material was a clear winner. Bronze-colored steel (1) Moon, (2) Coral Rock, (3) Dice, (4) serotonin and (5) dopamine compound structure designs were snapped up. 

Tinkerwerx likes to say a BIG Thank You to family and friends who came by and support us at these 2 events.