Customised Gifts

Tinkerwerx is happy to offer you the service to make your very own Customised Ring with a Message.

Great for special occasions such as Birthday, Wedding, Engagement, Parents' Day, Valentine's Days, Anniversary.

Customised Ring allows you to insert short texts on the Ring up to a maximum of 18 alphabets/digits (including spacing between words). 

Please email us at for a direct consultation.

After you have placed an order, we will send you a picture model of the product for your confirmation.

Once your order is confirmed, please allow 4-6 weeks of lead time for the product to be delivered to you. 

We regret that no changes can be accommodated once your order is confirmed as production will already be underway. Therefore, please ensure your specifications are correct before placing your order.

Kindly note we are unable to offer gemstones on the product as this moment.



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